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THE PAQUACHUCK  INN       2056 Main Road    Westport Point MA     02791

This landmark building rising above Westport’s sheltered harbor, marks the confluence of the Nocquachoke and Acoxsett Rivers. The Paquachuck Inn has dominated the landscape of the village of Westport Point for almost 200 years, a stately reminder of those who have made and lost their lives on the water. This four-story building is hand hewn from heavy timbers and built like a ship; pegged, worn smooth and salted by sand and wind.

In the early 1950s the building was purchased by George and Millie Reis. It was christened 'Paquachuck', an Indian word meaning,'Quahog', by neighbor Susanne Paull, and operated as an inn and restaurant for twenty years. In the late 1980s it was reopened as a bed & breakfast, continuing its tradition of service to the local community.

Many of the artifacts from the Paquachuck  can be seen today at the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Massachusetts in the historical area on Johnny Cake Hill.


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